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  • Eisenwerk Arnstadt GmbH
    Eisenwerk Arnstadt GmbH
  • Eisenwerk Arnstadt GmbH
    Eisenwerk Arnstadt GmbH
  • Eisenwerk Arnstadt GmbH
    Eisenwerk Arnstadt GmbH
Mission Statement

The Eisenwerk Arnstadt GmbH (EWA) is an international  respected iron foundry. We stand for 90 years of experience in the development and production  of high quality castings. Main point of our business is the production of brake blocks for the national and international  railway industry. In this sector we could establish as the European leading manufacturer. Furthermore we produce high quality castings for customers of the fields mechanical-, automotive- and power plant engineering. The security of the financial stability and the expansion of our market position are the determining factor in our actions. 

Customer focus and quality
We assure our broadly based circle of customers a constant level of high quality, based on promised properties.
The satisfaction of our customers  is always in first place and is determined by quality, schedules, market oriented prices and a purposeful communication.  
Our claim is the delivery of faultless castings – that is why the quality assurance is a central part of each operation.  
Using continuous improvement processes , we optimize our products, operations and efficiency day by day – this is the only way to comply our own high demands. 

Employees and further education
We are a responsible employer and the securing of jobs  is our focus. From our employees we expect a focused and creative commitment, responsibility and a collegial cooperation. All employees  bear responsibility for the quality  and the success of our whole work.  
We support the individual career of our employees and  offer  possibilities  of  internal and external  further educations. At our work we focus the safety and  health  of our employees .
We are also committed to equality and social participation for cultural and ethnic minorities. For us, the prevention of all forms of discrimination is a crucial component of successful cooperation. 

Profitability and Investigations
To secure our future, the profitability of our company should to be able to offset risks and finance investments from our own resources.
The income serves to secure the long-term future and are used to realignment the range of products, to expand our market position. 

Environment and Sustainability
We are seriously about our responsibility to the society and following generations. Our aim is the continuous improvement of our internal  environmental protection  by  optimising resource allocation and other processes.
We understand our role in the raw-material cycle and work responsible within the recycling of ferrous materials.
We comply with legal standards and our own commitments. To reach a sustainable development, we take part in the „Nachhaltigkeitsabkommen Thüringen“.